Our Owner

Chief Operations Officer

Michael E. Smith

Michael Smith has over 30 years of experience in construction management, and as Chief Operations Officer, he is responsible for and involved in all aspects of the company’s field operations. Michael performs duties associated with preconstruction analysis, constructability assessment, project management, subcontractor and supplier coordination, and project close-out.

You can expect to benefit from Michael’s direct input, from the planning and design phase through project completion. This level of involvement creates redundant accountability within our organization and provides you the client with a consistent and reliable construction management team.

Michael’s hands-on approach helps to provide clear goals and expectations for each project management team, subcontracted company and material supplier. Michael’s management style is also welcomed by our clients as he continually seeks to take the particular details of a project and hold them in perspective to the big picture in keeping with the aims and goals of the client first and foremost.

Serving the client is the primary aim of Marathon Commercial Construction, L.L.C. Michael’s vast knowledge of construction systems and construction management, coupled with his inherent leadership ability, work to assure you, the client, of a timely and successfully completed building project, ultimately saving you time and money.

Michael has worked extensively with the North Texas Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors prior to the creation of TEXO. He served as an ABC Board Member and has worked and chaired various committees including the Programs Committee and Education Committee. Michael also is a member of the Industry Advisory Council for the School of Construction at the University of Louisiana, Monroe. He also served on the Alumni Board and is a former chapter president.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Construction from Northeast Louisiana University; Monroe, Louisiana.