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Construction News, June 2009

“Running on Full”

O. Preston Smith, CEO of Marathon Commercial Construction LLC, recently noticed an unusual occurrence on his way to work every morning.

“Every day, I noticed a guy sitting in his truck in the parking lot of a company by the airport,” Smith says. “The same guy was in the same place every day waiting for his pre-appointed shift to start. Every day he would sit in the truck, and wait, instead of going inside and start working, even though he got there a few minutes early.”

“That is as opposite as to what I see in my company,” Smith continues. “Our employees not only take pride in their work, but are eager to come in and immediately begin to take up the task of carrying forward their own responsibilities while supporting one another in the responsibilities that each and every one of us have.”

Smith credits his employees’ strong sense of work ethics as one of the reasons the company established in the 2006 with COO Michael E. Smith, doubled in size its first year and tripled in size it’s second. But he also credits the full support he and Smith give their employees in their personal and professional endeavors for the company’s success.

“Police cars used to say ‘protect and server’ on the fenders,” Smith says. “To protect and serve is an essential component of what servant leadership is. What I try to do for everybody who partners with Marathon is to support them in what it is that they are trying to accomplish.”

“By doing so, they’re happy to be here, I’m happy to have them here, and we are all growing in the same direction,” Smith continues. “And I’m proud to count these people as my friends and co-workers.”