Marathon Commercial Construction, L.L.C.

It is the aim of Marathon Commercial Construction, L.L.C. to provide our clients with the most responsive, efficient and cost-effective option for construction general contracting, construction management and design-build services. The highly diversified construction professionals at the helm of our company are prepared to produce a superior construction product to meet your business needs.

We are able to meet this need through an approach that utilizes a multifaceted strategy of prompt owner communication, adept subcontractor management, and a highly-skilled application of construction methods and materials. By way of this strategy, we are able to maximize efforts at all levels. This results in a construction schedule that is typically faster than industry standards, accelerating the point by which our clients can begin to occupy their space. This approach also produces greater savings for our clients because a well-coordinated, seamless integration of building systems requires less manpower to complete.

We at Marathon Commercial Construction, L.L.C. endeavor to redefine our profession by serving our clients with the highest standard of construction management. Our commitment is to do everything in our power to enhance our client's investment in his or her construction project, thus producing a satisfied customer who is likely to return to us for the next project. We look forward to working for you as our client and applying our decades of construction experience to your benefit.

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